The Sydney Opera House A 7TH Wonder?Blimey mates! …

The Sydney Opera House A 7TH Wonder?

Blimey mates! Looks like the famous Sydney Opera House could be a contender for exclusive fame. An organization is taking nominations for a modern "Seven Wonders of the World". Instead, this time they are using modern technology (The Internet) to determine the winners from around the world. The winner will be announced on 1 January, 2007… Good luck Oz!

The sifting process has taken six years so far, since the initiative's launch in 2000 by The New 7 Wonders Foundation, which aims to protect manmade heritage.

Project organiser Bernard Weber said he wanted people to vote for the new seven wonders by internet or telephone.

"The ancient Seven Wonders were declared by a single man about 2000 years ago, so I thought as a millennium project it would be fun to combine the latest technology … (and have) all the people of the world select what they decide to be the new Seven Wonders of the World," he told ABC Radio.

The 21 finalists are: The Acropolis, Athens; Alhambra, Spain; Angkor, Cambodia; Chichen Itza, Mexico; Christ Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro; Colosseum, Italy; Easter Island statues, Chile; Eiffel Tower, France; Great Wall, China; Hagia Sophia, Turkey; Kyomizu Temple, Japan; Kremlin, Russia; Machu Picchu, Peru; Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany; Petra, Jordan; Pyramids of Giza, Egypt; Statue of Liberty, New York; Stonehenge, UK; Sydney Opera House, Australia; Taj Mahal, India; Timbuktu, Mali.


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