‘Idol’ Season Five Begins: America, Brace Yourself…

'Idol' Season Five Begins: America, Brace Yourself

HEHEH, It's that time of the year again, but Mikey never gets to watch, since he is always at work on Tuesday nights… 😦

"American Idol" kicks off its fifth season on Tuesday (January 17) with what will inevitably be a horde of hideous singers with a few truly talented ones sprinkled throughout.

It's the same formula the show has relied on since the beginning,

and for many fans, the auditions are their favorite part of the season. Certainly the popularity of William Hung after his unforgettably out-of-tune rendition of "She Bangs" proved America's fascination with the not-so-"Idol"-like.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, are those who find the first episodes cruel and a waste of valuable time that could be used putting more real singers in front of the judges and the cameras � something the producers and judges find themselves explaining this time each year.

"This is not a show that goes out and says, 'Listen, find me the crazy, weird singers, that's what I want to show because I want to be cruel to people,' " Randy Jackson said recently. "That's not even remotely what we do. We're just showing you a cross-section of what's out there, because we can't believe it as much as you can't believe it. We're like, 'What?!' "

By airing the bad, however, some might argue that it encourages the talent-less and attention-starved to give it a whirl. But Jackson and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe believe that's rarely the case.

"People genuinely think that they have it, and they are convinced that they have it," Jackson said. More Here

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