The Original A-MeiAnyone have this CD or know the …

The Original A-Mei

Anyone have this CD or know the songs?? Need your input…

01. Love Song 1990 02. You Don't Want Anything… 03. Let Everyone's Heart Break 04. Cry-Sand… 05. Relieve 06. Standing Tall 07. The Days without Smoking 08. Blue Sky 09. Don't Say Good-Bye 10. Can't Cry 11. Bad Boy 12. Dream of sky… 13. Cinderella 14. Travel 15. Cutting Love… I hope these helps. I am not a very good translator… I've been living in the US for too long, don't know a lot about Taiwan's singers, though I knew A-Mei, but haven't listened to her songs in a long time. I know a couple of songs in this album are old. I know for a fact that #2 is an old song, I know a little bit of #1, 2, 4, 8. That's about it. Best of luck~!

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