NameVoyager Really cool program to find out how…


Really cool program to find out how popular a first name has been over time. Try putting in your name, and see how it stands the test of time…

Click here to go to NameVoyager….

Also, check out the FAQ and Blog on the same page.

Here's the current Top 25 baby names for boys and girls…

Satisfy your curiosity with this rundown of the 25 most popular names for boys and girls. This small list accounts for a fifth of all babies born ‑- more than #200 to #1000 put together.

Girls Boys

1. Emily Jacob

2. Emma Michael

3. Madison Joshua

4. Olivia Matthew

5. Hannah Ethan

6. Abigail Andrew

7. Isabella Daniel

8. Ashley William

9. Samantha Joseph

10. Elizabeth Christopher

11. Alexis Anthony

12. Sarah Ryan

13. Grace Nicholas

14. Alyssa David

15. Sophia Alexander

16. Lauren Tyler

17. Brianna James

18. Kayla John

19. Natalie Dylan

20. Anna Nathan

21. Jessica Jonathan

22. Taylor Brandon

23. Chloe Samuel

24. Hailey Christian

25. Ava Benjamin

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