Listen to ogg Vorbis songs in iTunesNot as excitin…

Listen to ogg Vorbis songs in iTunes

Not as exciting as naked Chinese, but maybe more handy at some point to you… ^^

I DLed a Do As Infinity CD and found that all the songs where in ogg Vorbis format – like mp3 or wma music files. There are two features to ogg files that you might care about. First, it's a format that is in the public domain, unlike even mp3 – which is copyrighted and cost music player creators money to liscense. And ogg is a newer format, which they claim is more efficient than say mp3, which was developed in the mid-80's…. Quite a few players will player ogg files natively, but I only use iTunes now – so what to do??

Come to find out that there is free software that lets Quicktime (the backend of iTunes playback) play ogg music files. You install it and now your iTunes will play ogg music too! (And you can have iTunes save the song as mp3 so that it will play on your iPod) Pretty cool, huh?

Go Here to get the the required software…

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