WikiPedia: BoffinI’ve been seeing this word a LOT …

WikiPedia: Boffin

I've been seeing this word a LOT lately, mostly in a Brit World context, like in The Economist and such. I infered its meaning from the context, but WikiPedia knows the score. You really should add the WikiPedia to your FireFox browser. Very handy!! 🙂

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This article is about the British slang word for scientist. For other uses of the word, see boffin (disambiguation).

In the slang of the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa, boffins are scientists, engineers, and other people who are stereotypically seen as engaged in technical or scientific research. The word conjures up a stereotype of mature men in thick spectacles and white lab coats, obsessively working with complicated chemical apparatus. Alongside eccentric genius, portrayals of boffins usually highlight a naive ineptitude in social interaction. A classic and substantial English portrayal of an eccentric and obsessed boffin can be seen in The Man in the White Suit (1951).

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