VOX Partners with Nokia

Hehe! This should help VOXs popularity! I'll refer you the VOX article HERE.

You must see the DEMO at least… hella cool! 🙂

I'll be getting a new celly pretty soon, so I'll be looking for maxVOX compatibility… posts from the Road baby! lol

More on VOX mobile blogging HERE

Nokia + Vox at CES

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2 Responses to VOX Partners with Nokia

  1. cool 🙂 but unfortunately, I am a poor student so I don't have that kind of sophisticated phone.. which might work with vox.. good news though for the other rich people 🙂

  2. Mikey says:

    I'm not gonna get that expensive a phone either! I hear they have an interface that works with many other phones, and you can use the text-based "moblog" method with almost any phone…

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