Beneath the bonnet of the iPhoneFrom our friends a…

Beneath the bonnet of the iPhone

From our friends at the BBC….

Apple iPhone, Apple

The iPhone has been under development for more than two years (Credit: Apple)

With the iPhone, it seems that Apple may have surpassed the expectations of even its most demanding fans.

The immediate reaction was one of delight that Apple had combined a widescreen iPod, mobile phone and internet device in such a slick and stylish gadget.

Most excitement is being reserved for the new user interface, which allows users to touch the screen to make calls and listen to music.

Some experts though question whether the phone will be compelling enough to make a real impact on the market.

Others are concerned that the hefty $499 price tag is just a little too much to pay even for the latest iconic Apple design.


Mac fans are excited about the fact that Apple has addressed the need to improve user experience while retaining the sleek design most have come to expect as standard from Apple's head of design Jonathan Ive.

Editor of MacFormat Graham Barlow, obviously not put off by the price, wants two.

"I want one to put in a box and look at and one to play with," he said.

Like many, he is most impressed by the touch-screen technology, which Apple has patented and labelled "multi-touch".

"Steve Jobs is right when he says that no-one wants a stylus," said Mr Barlow.

The touch-screen came about as a result of Steve Jobs frustration with existing mobile phones' usability. The new designs means users simply need to touch an icon on the iPhone's 3.5 inch screen to make a call. If another call comes through, users touch a second icon. A third icon allows them to merge the calls into a three-way conference call.

Few doubt that the touch-screen technology could have the same impact on the phone market as the motion-sensitive controls of Nintendo's Wii console seems to have had on the games market.

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