Music of GoodbyeOK, I’m recycling… but it’s for …

Music of Goodbye

OK, I'm recycling… but it's for a good cause!


This wonderful song has previously been done by Al Jarreau and Melissa Manchester. But it's hard for me to imagine another version, other than Regine's now. The best singers make a song their own, don't they? I think it's one of her most accomplished songs. By that I mean technical perfection, passion and production values. You can feel the sad "music" of goodbye… This song is from her "R2K" CD.

Music Of Goodbye

Regine Velasquez

By the way, this song was written by John Barry for the movie Out of Africa but it was not used in the final soundtrack. Out of Africa almost had an African music soundtrack! Which would have been interesting, but Barry's music won an Academy Award, along with the film. Isn't the movie score as tighly woven into the story as any you can think of? It's not hard to imgine the lyrics of Music of Goodbye in the movie, is it? She knew so well that song – in her relationships with men, especially Denis…

You can hear the songs theme most clearly on the soundtrack albums second track, I'm Better At Hello (Karen's Theme l) Betcha' can't listen to Out of Africa in the same way now! šŸ˜‰

This song goes out to my someone that is hearing this painful melody playing even now…

The Music of Goodbye

A song I know so well
The music of goodbye again
It's there each time we say hello
As always there's no reason why again

You kiss me with your eyes
And in your arms I fly again
But even as we touch the clouds
There in the quiet is goodbye again

Perhaps the way I hold you
Makes you afraid I'll hold you
Makes you afraid to love me, love me

As through the night we dance
The tender dance of try again
I hear it playing softly and sadly
The music of goodbye


Written by John Barry, Alan & Marilyn Bergman

Currently listening to: Regine Velasquez's Music of Goodbye
Currently watching: Out of Africa

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