Fish tales, wax wails for beauty-mad SingaporeansG…

Fish tales, wax wails for beauty-mad Singaporeans

Good thing I'm already beautiful! 😛

By Miral Fahmy Wed Jan 17, 9:46 AM ET

SINGAPORE, Jan 17 (Reuters Life!) – Would you let skin-eating fish nibble at your toes? Or how about shaving your eyebrows and then re-painting them back on?

Beauty is big business in Singapore, where looking good is something of a national obsession.

Turn any corner in this wealthy, tiny island and you're likely to find a spa, a slimming or manicure parlor, a hair salon or a waxing joint — or all five next to each other.

The emphasis on vitality is prevalent in many countries across Asia, but it appears to be most pressing in Singapore.

"Focusing on the body and looking good is very prominent in Singapore for men and women," Saroja Dorairajoo, sociology professor at the National University of Singapore, told Reuters.

"This is a society that depends on people skills more than any other, so it's not only what you have but how you present it, and the emphasis on that is quite amazing."

There are no official figures on the number of beauty outlets in this country of 4.4 million people, but a quick glance through the telephone directory yields at least 3,000 listings.

And it is not a female-only realm, as evident by the numbers of men who sign into online beauty portal and the scores of male spa and salon customers. More Here

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