La Valse D’Amelie

La Valse D'Amelie
Yann Tiersen

I love this movie so such and this song in particular! – So French – oui!!

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Interested in music, film, good books and Korean culture.
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25 Responses to La Valse D’Amelie

  1. Lauren says:

    I still want to see this film so badly! *sigh* I wish I could somehow get to a movie rental place, but I don't know where I can go on foot around here. =\ I'll have to wait 'til next week.
    Haha, I think you've reminded me a couple of times about Amelie. So thankies again…

  2. saraH says:

    ::sigh:: I LOVE Amelie. Love it.

  3. Mikey says:

    Wonderful film – simply magical! I immediately went back in line to see it again the first time… :)The Wikipedia article on it is pretty good. Now I know what to get you for your birthday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Mikey says:

    I'm so glad. A sign of good taste! ;)One of my favorites…

  5. amelie!!! amelie!!she's so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
    i love that movie tooo
    amelie amelie oh ameLie

  6. Mikey says:

    lol! I knew that you would love dear! You are my Amelie… :)Ame as in Amy as in french for love…

  7. yay! i m mikey's amelie!!! hhehehe…
    amelie amelie

    p/s: moon river by hepburn is sad…but i love it…moon river has always been one of my favouritesssssssssss/

  8. Rosie Lou says:

    That's a really nice tune… oo la la lol

  9. Mikey says:

    Bet you would like to have breakfast at Tiffany's! ^^

  10. Mikey says:

    I'm sure that would love this film! I'd be exciting to see what you would create from that experience… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Rosie Lou says:

    Hee hee, I'll try to catch it some time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. moon river by hepburn is sad…but i love it…moon river has always been one of my favouritesssssssssss/You dig Moon River too. It's my fav. There's something about that song… floods my mind and body with feel good hormones. Okey I shall be posting another version of Moon River here later. It's the loveliest I have heard so far. *drifting off to romanceland*

  13. Mikey says:

    Looking forward to it. Here's a guy that has 148(!) different versions! ^^Most people in the US know the Andy Williams version…

  14. Looking forward to it. Here's a guy that has 148(!) different versions! ^^ Wowzer! Thanks for alot for the golden egg Mikey.

  15. Mikey says:

    You hit the "motherlode" as they say! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. hhahaha
    motherlode…the cheat code for playing Sims

  17. motherlode…the cheat code for playing Sims Who? Who plays Sims. I totally dig Sims. Obsessed with it actually. I love playing God. LOL. I maybe a control freak… and didn't realised about it. Har har har har. Geez…I am going boinkers.

  18. You hit the "motherlode" as they say! ๐Ÿ™‚ Truly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. it's me kleio..i m obsessed with the Sims2..currently waiting to get The Sims 2 for nintendo Ds Lite..haaha
    and..did u know that they have this new sims..that u can play on laptops??

  20. Rosie Lou says:

    Sims is great. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Great! Another obsessed Sims player. When it first launched, I used to play it on my PC. Later on, I got separated from my PC and gone hibernating from computer gameplay for quite a long long long while. Till last few months back, I rediscovered the fun and joy of playing Sims again… but this time on my bro's PS2 as I still don't have a computer yet since the losing the last one. I had to admit, playing it on a console wasn't as much fun and addictive as on a PC comparatively. As I am a downloads freak… I love to download stuffs for my Sims. There's just so many stuffs to get and you practically are spoilt for choice. Use to endure the arduosly slow downloading time just for the sake of gameplay. What's worst is that, back then, I am still using a dial-up connection. Yikes. Talk about the pain… and not to mention the cost online too.So, which version of Sims' your favorite? I am recently playing The Sims: Urbz and The Sims (whatsoever-name-I-forgotten) – the newest for PS. The Urbz is quite challenging and interesting to play with… it's just that the slow loading is a drag.

  22. Sims is great. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, it's a bliss ;P I am so loving it.

  23. Ann says:

    I love this soundtrack too. The accordian is a magical instrument. My current French obsession, however, is with Edith Piaf especially since her biopic La Mรดme came out in France not too long ago.

  24. Mikey says:

    I've heard other versions of this song , and the don't have the magic that this one does. He is very good at subtly mixing familar instruments and unusual sounds into a coherent whole – and so very French! :)I want to see this movie. I know a bit about Piaf but this seems like a really good way to experience her story – more then just La Vie en Rose…I love French music, even though I don't speak the language. French musicals too, like Notre Dame de Paris and Romeo et Juliette, and of course Les Miz. And the likes of Helene Segara, Garou, Celine Dion, Anggun, Daniel Levi…

  25. richie says:

    Anyone have sheet music for Amelie ?- I play the accordion and would love to learn this without having to sit in front of the computer for hours on end with my accordion strapped on and trying to write transcription at the same time.

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