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This a great series of podcasts! Don't let the word "podcast" scare you off. A podcast doesn't require an iPod or iTunes. It's just a mp3 music file. Pandora podcast breaks down different aspects of music in an easy to unserstand and entertaning way. I bet even professional musicians could learn a thing or two from this series though. Please get it a try – and enjoy! (I loved especially the one on Salsa Music)…

Pandora Podcast

Up Next: Upright Bass

March 28, 2007

Seth Ford-Young Coming Wednesday, April 4. Pandora Podcast Nine catches up with Seth Ford-Young and his standup acoustic bass. You can hear Seth's upright playing on the latest Tom Waits album, Orphans. In this show, he and Kevin Seal talk about arpeggiated bass lines, bowed bass, and how to get percussive sounds by smacking the strings. They also talk about how bassists choose their notes when improvising a walking bass line in jazz or blues. So much variety can be plucked out of just those four strings.

To chat with us — we're on those comments pages every day — see the discussions for Episodes One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight.

Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady and Dub

March 21, 2007

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Reggae Upright Bass In episode eight, the Soul Captives show host Kevin Seal how to bubble and skank. They lay out the differences between bluebeat, ska, rocksteady, early reggae, roots reggae, and dub, while providing historical context. Guitarist and Pandora engineer Vic Wong mixes a live dub session for us, after he and organist (and pianist and Pandora music analyst) Ray Jacildo, drummer Jayme Arredondo, and bassist Mark Allen-Piccolo (pictured) perform in a variety of Jamaican rhythmic feels. (10 min.)

Click through to the next page to hear examples from the original Jamaican artists, to see session photos, and to view the lingo and slang talked about in the episode.

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Pedal Point

March 07, 2007

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Michelle AlexanderIn the seventh installment of our podcast, host Kevin Seal talks with Pandora music analyst Michelle Alexander about pedal point. Michelle and Kevin perform live examples, and explore the ways that composers from Beethoven to Pete Townshend to Prince have used this technique to build tension, create drama, or establish a feeling of triumph and joy. Take a peek under the hood with us and listen to Pedal Point (9 mins.)

On the next page, you can check out the audio examples, see the musical terms we're talking about, and check out session photos and other images of slash chords and organ pedals.

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Drums and Drumming, Part II

February 21, 2007

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Jeff AnthonyBack by popular demand, session drummer and Pandora music analyst Jeff Anthony joins host Kevin Seal to look at swing and shuffle, and how those are applied in country, blues, jazz and reggae (8 mins.)

This episode works best if you've heard "Drums and Drumming, Pt. I," so you may want a quick refresher.

On the next page, see a list of the musical terms discussed in this episode, check out pictures of Jeff's stick and brush techniques, and listen to audio examples from classic songs with these kinds of beats.

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Elements of Salsa

February 07, 2007

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Salsa Group Pandora music analyst, trumpeter and bandleader Marina Garza of Orquesta D'Soul comes in to talk about salsa music in Episode Five. She and Kevin are joined by Orquesta D'Soul's bassist Mike Lazarus, pianist Jason Moen and percussionist Patricio Angulo (on timbales, bells and congas). They break down the different percussive patterns played in mambo and salsa, look into the music's Cuban roots in cha and son, and show the 2:3 and 3:2 son clave patterns that form the backbone of the groove. (9 mins.)

On the next page, see a list of the musical terms defined in this podcast, and listen to classic and modern songs that demonstrate the different salsa rides.

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Recording Vocals

January 24, 2007

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Ariah Firefly Neo-soul chanteuse Ariah Firefly appears for the fourth episode in Pandora's podcast series, and she and host Kevin Seal explore the recording of vocals. They talk about natural reverb, plosives, and background vocalizing, and compare condenser and dynamic microphones. They also discuss proper mic technique, and the different pattern settings that change a microphone's sound. (8 mins.)

On the next page, see a list of the musical terms defined in this podcast, check out pictures of Ariah recording her vocals, and listen to examples from famous singers that demonstrate the ways they use the studio to their advantage.

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Electric Guitar Effects

January 10, 2007

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Patrick GreeneThe third episode in Pandora's podcast series demonstrates how pedal-board trickery makes for distinctive guitar styles. Host Kevin Seal talks with Pandora music analyst Patrick Greene about the tremolo of Dick Dale's surf guitar, the distortion of Jimi Hendrix, the wah-wah of the funk masters, and the delay of U2's the Edge. (9 mins.)

On the next page, see a list of the musical terms discussed in this podcast, check out pictures of Patrick kicking his stompboxes, and listen to examples from well-known songs that feature these effects.

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Drums and Drumming, Part I

December 15, 2006

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Jaff AnthonyThe second edition of our music series explores drum grooves and the techniques drummers use to get "that sound." Pandora's host Kevin Seal and Pandora music analyst Jeff Anthony show how a basic backbeat can go from disco to hard rock with the subtlest of changes. Learn how drummers use the kick drum, snare and hi-hat to make a groove really groove. (8 mins.)

On the next page, see a list of the musical terms defined in this podcast, check out pictures of Jeff demonstrating his rhythmic techniques and listen to examples from well-known songs and famous drummers. Also, be sure to check out the second half of this show, "Drums and Drumming, Part II."

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The Basics of Vocal Harmony

November 14, 2006

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20 Minute LoopIn the first installment of our podcast, Pandora music analyst Kevin Seal (of Griddle) works with Greg and Kelly from the San Francisco band 20 Minute Loop to lead you through the basics of vocal harmony: tutti harmony, unison singing, parallel and contrary motion, call and response and more. Take a peek under the hood with us and listen to The Basics of Vocal Harmony (9 mins.)

Once you've listened to the podcast, you might want to check out the vocal harmony examples on the next page to further hone your expertise.

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2007 Pandora Podcast Schedule

November 01, 2006

podcast_microphone.jpg Starting in January 2007, the Pandora Podcast Series will feature a new episode every other Wednesday. Each fortnight, host Kevin Seal will welcome a new guest and tackle a different aspect of music production and composition.

On the next page, click to see the current list of shows scheduled for the 2007 season. Your suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

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