Out of Africa – I Had a Farm In Africa (Main Title)

I love Out of Africa so much! (The book is even better!) And it's one of my favorite film scores too. It's by John Barry – one of the greats! My friend JenJen first turned me on to some of the great music in film soundtrack scores. I was telling The Muse about them. Better ta' show you, right?? 🙂

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Interested in music, film, good books and Korean culture.
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4 Responses to Out of Africa – I Had a Farm In Africa (Main Title)

  1. Nice score just like what you said *thumbs up*. I really need to get my hands on this film. You know what… I haven't yet watch Casablanca. LOL. It's so famous and yet I am telling you I haven't seen it yet. Oh I am losing out so much here. I need to watch it alone though. Still waiting for a chance for me to be alone – haven't really much chance for some privacy time. Can't fully appreciate movies like this if I were to watch it with my family – coz it's not their cup of tea at all – spoils my mood sometimes. I wanna watch that famous kiss in film history ;D I am pretty sure this movie shall bring me much enjoyment.

  2. Mikey says:

    Casablanca is a HUGE favorite of mine! :)"Play it again Sam""We'll Always have Paris""Louis, This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship""I came here for the waters" "Casablanca is in a desert!:"I was misinformed…"Yes, it's hard to find a proper venue to watch serious things! 🙂 Most of the people I know aren't interested at all! ^^Another classic: The Franco Zeffirelli version of Romeo and Juliet!!

  3. WKM says:

    ok mikey, i'm OBSESSED with Out of Africa. I even named my yellow labrador, Finch which is short for Goldfinch-Hatton after Dennis Finch-Hatton. I've been to her house in Kenya and I really think Judith Thurman's book about her rocks! And, I haven't even addressed the music. I almost can't listen to it because it moves me so much. (*Hi-five)

  4. Mikey says:

    !lol! Awesome – both that you have a dog named Finch and that you have a Lab – my favorite breed! :)Awww… passionate and discerning! Have you ever heard of a song called The Music of Goodbye? It was written for the film, but not used. I have the version sung by Regine Velasquez that I think is definitive on my blog (just re-posted).To (mis)quote Rick from Casablanca: "WKM, I think that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!" ^^

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