Boku Wa Kuma (I’m A Bear) – Hikaru Utada

Perfect for Emma and Liz! It's a song from Hikaru Utada about a little bear… I ordered the single CD with Picture book from… Just arrived!

"Boku wa Kuma" cover

In Boku wa Kuma, all of the lyrics are written in Japanese, except for one line which is in French.

The "ku-ku" and "ma-ma" at the end of the song is Utada repeating the first and then the last syllable of the word "Kuma" (Bear).

Romaji Lyrics English Translation
Boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma
Kuruma ja nai yo kuma kuma kuma
Arukenai kedo odoreru yo
Shaberarenai kedo utaeru yo
Boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma

Boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma
Kenka wa yada yo kuma kuma kuma
Raibaru wa ebi-furai da yo
Zense wa kitto chokoreeto
Boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Kuma. Comment ça va?

Boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma
Fuyu wa nemui yo kuma kuma kuma
Yoru wa, "Oyasumi, makura-san"
Asa wa, "Ohayou, makura-san"
Boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma

Yoru wa, "Oyasumi, Makura-san"
Asa wa, "Ohayou, Makura-san"
Boku wa kuma ku-ku kuma
Ma-ma kuma kuma
I am a bear bear bear bear
I am not a car bear bear bear
I can't walk but I can dance
I can't talk but I can sing
I am a bear bear bear bear

I am a bear bear bear bear
I hate fighting bear bear bear
My rival is fried shrimp
I was probably chocolate in a previous life
I am a bear bear bear bear

Hello! I am Kuma. How are you?

I am a bear bear bear bear
The winter is sleepy bear bear bear
In the evening, "Goodnight, Mr. Pillow"
In the morning, "Good morning, Mr. Pillow"
I am a bear bear bear bear

In the evening, "Goodnight, Mr. Pillow"
In the morning, "Good morning, Mr. Pillow"
I am a bear ku-ku bear
Ma-ma bear bear

from: Wikipedia :

Boku wa Kuma (song)

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10 Responses to Boku Wa Kuma (I’m A Bear) – Hikaru Utada

  1. Tracy says:

    I havn't heard this song by Ayu before. I like it! It is cute!
    Kawaii! I am glad you included the link to where you bought it
    from. Your "niecelets" will love it!! I am listening to Ayu's
    "Butterfly" song now. Have you heard it before? It has a catchy
    beat and Emma and Liz may like it too!!

  2. mayumi says:

    Is this a new hikki song? The video was so kawaii!! I'm sure you nieces would love it! ^___^*

  3. Mikey says:

    Yeap, it's a Cd Single in Japan. I got the Princesses the CD + Booklet created by Hikki… Should be easy for them to learn the words – since there are'nt many of them except "kuma"! ^^"On November 22, 2006, Utada released an anticipated new single, "ぼくはくま (, Boku wa Kuma?, lit. I'm a Bear)."
    The song is tied with Passion as her lowest charting single as it
    placed #4 in its first week, and it also has the lowest first-week
    sales of her career. Even so, its been her first single since "Dareka
    no Negai Ga Kanau Koro" to chart at more than three consecutive or
    non-consecutive weeks in the "Top 10 Oricon singles" chart. As of the
    end of the week for March 31, 2007,
    the single has sold 144,928 copies, although it should be noted that
    Oricon only counts the standard edition sales of this and all singles,
    meaning that actual total sales may be higher than published. In the
    singles favor, the sales have been outstandingly resilient. Despite low
    first week sales, Boku wa Kuma stayed in the top twenty for nine
    consecutive weeks, selling more than 10,000 copies each week up until
    its seventh.[16]
    Despite such initially slow sales, it's already her most successful
    single since "Be My Last" in 2005 and has surpassed the sales of her
    previous two singles: "Passion" and "Keep Tryin'".[16]
    Boku wa Kuma's title is a reference to her stuffed bear named
    Kuma-chan, later renamed Kuma-Chang, and is her first time writing a
    children's song. Oricon Style did confirm that "Boku wa Kuma" and its
    karaoke version were the only tracks on this new single, as originally
    there were to be six, including either an A or B-side with another new
    track, "Hero".[17]Included
    in the first press edition of the single will be a picture book created
    by Utada, and the single will be used in Japan's NHK channel's Minna no Uta
    children's program commercials as an advanced promotional tool from
    November 2006 through January of 2007. This is also Utada's first
    single release to have three different pressings: one limited edition
    that includes a picture book, a standard single and cover, and then
    finally one CD+DVD combo pack (that is confirmed to only contain a
    music video for the single in its tracklist)."

  4. Mikey says:

    Thanks for the good wishes and support you've shown! :)I think that you are thinking of this song from Smile DK:"Veronica and Nina first formed their band as Smile and published their first album Smile in 1998. It received wide attention, especially in Japan. Several songs in this album were included in EMI Dancemania compilations, of which one of the songs, "Butterfly", was eventually licensed by Konami into the first version of Dance Dance Revolution. Since then, Butterfly has become one of the most popular songs in Dance Dance Revolution's history."I've seen lots of references to this song being by Ayu, so you're not alone! It's so confusing – especially when a lot of information is only in Japanese or "engrish". I do think that the Niecelets would love this song, and I'm a gonna' get it for them somehow. "Uncle Mikey – It's not just a job – it's an adventure!" ^^Now I remember! – I heard this song – in the back ground of a video with two crazy Korean girls doing DDR! :PHere's another one: you're a certified "Auntie" to the girls now! Yes, they do have something of a world-wide fan club! lol

  5. Rosie Lou says:

    This is sooo cute! I love it when the little bear plays the guitar 🙂

  6. Mikey says:

    Very cute indeed! It's Hikki's first children's song. Just in time for Emma and Liz! 🙂

  7. Rosie Lou says:

    Hee, they're lucky to have an uncle with great music choice 🙂

  8. ペギー says:

    i am singing this non-stop
    it's soooooooooo damn cute!!!!!i am learning Japanese!! for real, paid for it…hahahahahaha

  9. Mikey says:

    I thought that you might like it especially! 🙂 Yes, I sent the cute CD and "limited edition" booklet (it has drawings by Hikki about the bear) to the Princesses this Friday… Then they can rip it into their iTunes. I am encouraging Emma to make new Playlists for lil' Liz… for her new pink Shuffle… heheBoku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma! ^^

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