Thanks for signing up for the Lyrics Translation Group!

My thanks to those of you that have joined so far!  I have been (slowly) going back to some old posts that have lyrics, and hope to post more. Feel free to do the same – even lyrics without English translations that others will (hopefully) translate for the group. Don't be bashful if your translation isn't perfect. Speaking for myself, any translation is much better than none! πŸ™‚

Maybe we can even cover areas like finding lyrics on the Internet and utilities to get lyrics automatically into songs on your MP3 player? I just read that Yahoo! has made a deal to license the lyrics of about 400,000 songs recently.

I'm hoping more record companies will realize that lyrics (and English translations of same) will help worldwide sales and acceptance. You'd be surprised at how much I buy at! ^^

Just a note: Beware of some of the "Lyrics Sites" out there, especially if you dont have effective anti-spyware software installed on your PC! If you aren't sure – then you don't have it! Record company or fan's pages are usually pretty safe. Maybe we should do an anti-spyware posting… since unfortunately it is often found with the lyrics…
Or, you can just Request and we will do the hazardous duty! ^^

PPS: For those of you who may be wondering… "All your base are belong to us!" comes from HERE

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2 Responses to Thanks for signing up for the Lyrics Translation Group!

  1. I am glad to be a part of this awesome group. Let us all help to make it flourish people! Thanks for the warning on the "Lyrics Search" sites. As for me, I am currently using Firefox with McAffee Site Advisor add-on for more precautionary surfing of sites. It has served me quite well I'd say. It's pop-up add blockers are simply awesome and effective too. I'd say yes to Firefox than IE anytime. Oops! guess I am kinda out of the topic here ain't I. Tee hee hee.I couldn't agree more on you on the idea of record companies realization and integration of lyrics (and English translations) with their product. It will definitely fuel more worldwide sales and acceptance. People are getting more and more open and have diversified interests nowadays which are further significant with the help of the internet and other media as well. I can see you are one of these people, just like me too πŸ˜‰

  2. Mikey says:

    I think we can do a lot and please ourselves at the same time. What's better than sharing what you love with others? :)Yes, I really think that Firefox is the browser to use these days! Most sites are compatible with it now, and you can also use it on the Mac and with LINUX too. It's really too bad that people are getting contantly hit with malware these days, especially before they have a chance to learn the ropes. I just got an email from the company that publishes Murakami's books in the US, and they praised me helping to promote his new book. Now, that's smart. Who better to promote something than people who are passonate about it?I do think that there is a fairly big market for Asian music in the rest of the world – especially Chinese and Japanese music… And with people like Utada Hikaru who was raised in New York City, there is no reason not to also publish the English translations to the song lyrics also. They could certainly pay people to translate who where raised in both languages. And promote their singers in English too. Properly used, fans could be a huge part of their "viral" marketing programs… So, we are doing our little share… I'm sure the Google 'bots will be finding our stuff very soon… and we don't even host spyware! πŸ˜‰

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