Audrey Hepburn – La Vie en Rose (from Sabrina)

Ugly car – Beautiful song… ^^ And Audrey too – to die for!

Thanks again for finding this video Sasha! 🙂

La Vie En Rose

Words & Music by Mack David & Louiguy
Original French lyric by Edith Piaf, 1946
Recorded by Louis Armstsrong, 1962

C CM7 CM7/6 CM7
Hold me close and hold me fast,

C CM7 CM7/6 CM7
This mag - ic spell you cast,

CM7/6 CM7 Dm7 G7
This is La Vie En Rose.

Dm Dm+7 Dm7
When you kiss me, Heaven sighs,

Dm6 Dm6/G
And though I close my eyes,

Dm7 Dm7-5 C Am Dm7 G7
I see La Vie En Rose.

C CM7 CM7/6 CM7
When you press me to your heart,

C CM7 CM7/6 CM7
I'm in a world a - part,

CM7/6 C7 F
A world where ro - ses bloom;

Fm F#m7 C9 C
And when you speak, An - gels sing from above;

Dm Dm+7 Dm7 G G7
Ev' - ry day words seem to turn into love songs.

C CM7 CM7/6 CM7
Give your heart and soul to me

C CM7 CM7/6 Dm7
And life will al - ways be

First Time

G7 Dm7 Fdim C G#7 Dm7 G7
La Vie En Rose.

Last Time

G7 Dm7 Fdim C
La Vie En Rose.

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4 Responses to Audrey Hepburn – La Vie en Rose (from Sabrina)

  1. E says:

    I love this song! =))

  2. Mikey says:

    It's wonderful, isn't it? Ah, the rose-colored life! 🙂

  3. Tracy says:

    Classic! I like Audrey Hepburn films a lot!! She was a wonderful actress! 🙂

  4. Mikey says:

    Yes, I always loved her, from back when I was a kid and saw her in My Fair Lady… 🙂

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