QotD: I’m A Completist

Do you own all the albums of any particular musical artist or group? Who?
Submitted by dutterman.

Linda Eder , Lea Salonga nd Regine Velasquez come to mind immediately… I'm sure I have others. 🙂

I just bought 4 Michael Buble CDs… ^^

UPDATE: I would also add Anggun! I got all her stuff…

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Interested in music, film, good books and Korean culture.
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2 Responses to QotD: I’m A Completist

  1. mαhmiќΘў says:

    you surely have some filipino thing in your heart. i thought you are a filipino at first, lol. ^^,

  2. Mikey says:

    I love the pop music OPM of the Philippines, starting with Lea Salonga and Regine Velasquez and Nina and Kyla, and so many others… Plus, Filipinos both here in San Diego and on the Internet have been unfailingly kind and helpful to me (if a little bemused) at my interest in music where I often don't understand the words… ^^ But songs like Ikaw by Regine transcend words in their beauty, don't they? A lot of people in San Diego think that I'm Filipino too! Since there are a lot of Pinoy mixes here, (Hapa) what with all the Navy guys bringing home their Filipino brides over the years, and Pinoys that joined the US Navy now living here. And the many Spanish names common to both the Philippines and Latinos… A lot of Filipino works at Scripps Health, were I work. I just read that fully 10% of Filipinos live and work outside the Philippines…But I like a lot of music, like Melly Goeslaw from Indonesia:I have an Emeem playlist of hers HEREI love to share great music, wherever I find it. Vox makes that pretty easy and fun, since so many others here share my love of music… 🙂

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