12 year old Charice Pempengo

Thanks to Dori once again, I have a sensational young performer from The Philippines for you named Charice Pempengo. Filipinos have an exceptional love of music, especially ballads and R&B kinda' songs. Charice was discovered on a Idol type show there for young performers. This is a mind blowing performance for someone so young, indeed for anyone! Whitney's songs are always technically difficult to sing well, but shes pull it off, I think, and with panache… Bravo little lady!

This song Ikaw (You) has become the "wedding" song of The Philippines, and is loved there. Charice's part comes at the end, but she nails it. Gave the shivers to hear it. What a future she has!

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8 Responses to 12 year old Charice Pempengo

  1. SerenityLife says:

    SHE IS 12 ?? WHAT??? She NAILED the song like NO ONE. NO ONE. She is going to literally BLOW up! Dang — I am still in shock. I am very beside myself. Someone better get her a great manager QUICK. Where is Clive Davis when u need him!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Mikey says:

    That's what I said. Talk about God given talent! She is 14 now, and well on her way to becoming a fixture on the Filipino entertainment scene. That's the huge pleasure of searching the world's music (much easier since the Internet, and especially Youtube) with the assistance of music loving friends. :)Seems like every Filipino generation produces some super stars. Regine Veasquez, Lea Salonga, Jaya, and the new generation (or "batch" as they like to say) Nina and Kyla… and now we have Charice. I have a lot of posts about OPMs (Original Philipino Music) especially about Regine, Nina and Kyla. I used the "OPM" tag on all of them (I hope). BTW, I noticed that on Kyla's homepage, she said that Amel Larrieux's Make Me Whole was her favorite song… πŸ™‚

  3. SerenityLife says:

    Please tell Kyla to set up a profile at http://www.blisslife.com which is Amel's webpage. She READS the posts. She does not have time to answer personal messages but she reads the forums. I am over there too as 2Serenity. Great people. I gotta check out your other posts! Meeting you has been fantastic! See – u get it!

  4. Mikey says:

    Kyla's a pretty big in The Philippines and don't personally know her, but I'll pass it on. I joined up for her newsletter already. Supposed to be a membership soon, it says… Same here. Nice to meet such a true music lover! πŸ™‚ That's another cool thing about VOX, is that you build up a library very quickly that you (and others) can refer to.

  5. CrazyFortune says:

    Holy crap. I'm in shock. She is amazing…..

  6. Mikey says:

    Truly amazing! She has gone on (all of 14 now) to be a regular in the Philippines entertainment industry. And the show she was on – she didn't even win that competition! ^^Please pass on that video if you can. I wish more people here know about what great singers the have in the Philippines… πŸ™‚

  7. CrazyFortune says:

    I already showed the video to someone but I'll show it some more. I'm surprised she didn't win.

  8. Mikey says:

    Thanks so much! She is amazing. And show what the music of other countries can offer. So many peeps never anything other than what American media companies offer. Someone just recently sent me a *Mongolian* song! o^O How many peeps even know where Mongolia *is*? lolAnyway, getting to know more is always a mind expanding, good thing, I believe… :)Yeah, I think she was *robbed*! Talent won over in this case.

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