Little Manila, San Diego

John my roomie and I went down to National City (Just south of San Diego) for some delicious BBQ at The BBQ Pit, still made the same way since the 1950's…

We also got pictures of the local versions of Goldilocks bakery and Jollibee's burger joint, straight out of Manila. This whole area is heavily Filipino, called "Little Manila". There are a bunch of other Filipino restaurants and other businesses in this area. There was a Tatak Filipino right there too, until recently. And my little record store, where I pick up OPM's…

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16 Responses to Little Manila, San Diego

  1. mαhmiќΘў says:

    funny you mike… you really have some "filipino" thing in your heart… ^_^

  2. Tracy says:

    That sounds really nice. 🙂 I have heard of the BBQ pit and now
    I am craving BBQ! ^__^ You took some really nice pictures as

  3. Mikey says:

    I knew that you'd want to see! ^^ My "OPM" store was closed that day! :(I did buy Nina Live DVD through the mail though…

  4. Mikey says:

    BBQ is *really* good! Yum! I really like the picture of the guy slicing the beef…

  5. mαhmiќΘў says:

    awww… too bad it's closed. just go back some other time… lol. ^^,

  6. Mikey says:

    I will. It was just a fluke. They where painting or something that day… Any recommendations? I have MYMP, Nina Live!, early Kyla, Regine and most Lea…

  7. mαhmiќΘў says:

    i'm not sure if you have already heard Zsa Zsa Padilla nor Lani Misalucha…they're divas. such powerful voices.

  8. Mikey says:

    Thanks for the ideas. I have some of their recording too. 🙂 Lani even tours in the US occasionally. I also like Jaya a lot. I wonder if there is a podcast or something like it of the "top 40" Philippines hits weekly or so? I don't have Cable, so I can't watch FTN or the like. Or I could just ask you or others when they hear a really good song or singer. 😉 Charice was a find! Must be humbling to sing next to her!Imeem seems like a good way to share too. I have upload a few new songs myself. Have you seem my Radio Blog? <looks right>

  9. mαhmiќΘў says:

    oh yeah, i forgot to mention jaya, i like how she can switch from a low pitch to a high one. try listening to sarah geronimo (they said she sounds like celine dion), rachel ann go, and sheryn regis. they won prestigious singing competitions here.others are shown here:, there aren't many "pinoy" (filipino) podcasts around, or none that i know of… ^^,

  10. Mikey says:
    Thanks! That a good site. Most I know of like Christian Bautista, or have seen on Youtube like Sarah Geronimo. There are some I didn't know about though. Have to Youtube them! :)I just got my Nina Live! DVD recently! :)Glad there are so many great singers there! Maybe you should start PI Podcast! ? :)Basically, it's just an mp3…

  11. mαhmiќΘў says:

    thanks, that's a good idea… but i'm not really into podcasting… hehe… ^^,

  12. Mikey says:

    That's OK. Me neither. I'm too bashful to talk a lot, even in real life! ^^Maybe that Pinoy lady new on VOX that used to have a Radio show in the 70s? 80s? might think of doing one? 🙂 Cover the music/entertainment scene in the PI for a US audience, mostly in English… hummmCould be an interesting VOX group Podcasters – covering issues and methods.

  13. mαhmiќΘў says:

    That's OK. Me neither. I'm too bashful to talk a lot, even in real life! ^^haha, i can hardly believe this… or maybe you're just "talkative" on your blog or you're just highly opinionated about things. ^_^yeah, maybe you can tell her (thelmabowlen) to make one. ^^,

  14. Mikey says:

    That's my alter-ego! ^^I assure you, I am a very quiet person. Maybe my "inner life" is escaping!?Or more likely, someone to talk to that shares many of the same interests and values…

  15. mαhmiќΘў says:

    hahaha… you're coming out of your shell. ^_^

  16. Mikey says:

    Like a baby chicken… hopefully before becoming balut! ^^

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