Slashdot | PC Magazine Editor Throws in the Towel on Vista

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4 Responses to Slashdot | PC Magazine Editor Throws in the Towel on Vista

  1. funkyglasses says:

    And that is why I don't want to have vista… quite yet.

  2. Mikey says:

    Even Bills "running dog" lackey's are running away now! ^^ I'm trying to figure out how to get XP Pro on mine with the minimum pain… Warranty is voided when you do that, so I shall wait. Actually, other that bogging things down a bit, it works OK as of the moment. MS is going off the rails when they can't force you anymore! Think of all the kiddies going to college this fall with Vista computers… School IS staff will get hammered, I bet. Time to look and MAC laptop (although the most desirable of those tend to overheat!) Arrgh!

  3. SerenityLife says:

    See…Vista is not it! Thanks for sharing. OS power!

  4. Mikey says:

    I wish I knew that you could buy XP from Dell still before I got my laptop. It does work, but a lot of hassles. I am thinking of getting XP Pro OS while still available and doing it myself… My work pretty much requires MS OS, otherwise those lovely Mac laptops look yummy, although you need Apple maintainence on them to be prudent…I never thought Vista was "it" but not this bad! ^^

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