iPhone “Phone” Ad

How many of these clips do you recognize? (Answers on the Youtube page) ^^

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2 Responses to iPhone “Phone” Ad

  1. ペギー says:

    too many to name
    nice nice

  2. Mikey says:

    Here is the list:

    The first official iPhone commercial that aired tonight during the Oscars / Academy Awards.http://www.TheComotionGroup.comTHE COMPLETE LIST OF CLIPS:Song is "Inside My Head" by Eberg1. Zoom to Phone РAlfred Hitchcock Director Dial M For Murder 19542. Lucile Ball РI Love Lucy TV Show 1956-643. Jackie Gleason РThe Honeymooners 1955-564. Humphrey Bogart РKey Largo 19485. Marlon Brando РA Streetcar Named Desire 1951 or On The Waterfront 1954 (which is it?)6. Jerry Lewis РThe Bellboy 19607. Marilyn Monroe РSome Like It Hot 19598. Clark Gable РIt Happened One Night 19349. Peter Sellers РThe Pink Panther 196310. Steve McQueen РThe Getaway 197211. Richard Dryfus РAmerican Graffiti 197312. Burt Reynolds РBoogie Nights 199713. Bea Benaderet Voice of Betty Rubble РThe Flintstones 167 Episodes 1959-6614. Robert Redford РThree Days of the Condor 197515. Michael J. Fox РBack To The Future 198516. Harrison Ford РThe Fugitive 199317. John Cusak РHigh Fidelity 200018. Audrey Tautou РAm̩lie 200119. Kevin Spacey РL.A. Confidential 199720. William H. Macy РFargo 199621. Dustin hoffman РMeet The Fockers 200422. Will Ferrell РAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 200423. Sarah Jessica Parker (with her PowerBook)- Sex & The City (who can ID the episode name?) 1998-200424. Jeff Bridges РThe Big Lebowski 199825. Billy Crystal РWhen Harry Met Sally 198926. Cameron Diaz РCharlie's Angels 200027. Samuel L. Jackson РJackie Brown 199728. John Travolta РFace Off 199729. Robert DeNiro РCity By the Sea 200230. Ben Stiller as (Derek) Zoolander 200131. Michael Douglas РThe American President 199532. Craig T. Nelson's Voice as Bob Parr РThe Incredibles 2004

    Whew! ^^

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