Pictures from the Fire

here are some photos I took of the fire just beyond our house on Mt. Miguel. The pictures are from last night about 2AM and this morning about 9AM. No, I haven't had a lot of sleep! 0^o

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3 Responses to Pictures from the Fire

  1. Mauen says:

    wow. that must have been scary. i bet you've got your valueables all packed up and ready to go. but isn't it a bit out of season? i'd expect bush fires to occur during summer not in autumn. bush fire season has just officially started here.

  2. erwinizm says:

    dang man, i hope your doing good. im up in escondido the DEER SPRINGS/MTN MEADOWS area and we got evac'd, im staying at my dads office in Oceanside. but yah this shit is crazy.

  3. Mikey says:

    Hi Mauen – yes, hella scary! Not so much for our lives, as destroying our way of life, which you don't always appreciate until you might lose it all suddenly…Our season tends to be more in the late summer/early fall (like now) The last big fire – "The Cedar Fire" was almost exactly 4 years ago. Then later we get the rains to flash flood the denuded countryside, and make everything green again, so that by next summer all the vegetation will be dead again, ready to start the cycle again! ^^

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