Puppy born with love-heart pattern in fur

This is just too cute! Go Heart-Kun! πŸ™‚ Thanks Cynthia for sending it!

And on a much sadder note: I heard that someone stole a beloved Lab dog from a little boy who had also just lost his home in the Fires here. 😦 People have put up a $500 reward to get the dog back to the little boy, no questions asked…

Article from: http://www.news.com.au/?from=ni_story
A PUPPY has been born in Japan with a large, clear, love-heart-shaped pattern in his coat.

The Chihuahua was born in May as one of a litter to a breeder.

Shop owner Emiko Sakurada said it was the first time a puppy with the marks had been born out of a thousand she had bred.

She had no plans to sell the puppy, which has been named "Heart-kun".

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One Response to Puppy born with love-heart pattern in fur

  1. SerenityLife says:

    ahhh..I cannot see the link but I know it is cute. I hope the situation gets better out there in California. Stay safe!

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