Malaysian Chinese

Very interesting article in the Wikipedia I found about the people of Malaysia that are ethnic Chinese… like Peggy, Frances, Jane, The Muse and the singer Karen Kong. Maybe some of them would like to talk about their ethnicity and what languages they speak and Provence they are from?

from wikipedia:

A Malaysian Chinese is an overseas Chinese who is a citizen or long-term resident of Malaysia. Most are descendants of Chinese who arrived between the fifteenth and the mid-twentieth centuries. Within Malaysia, they are usually simply referred to as "Chinese" in all languages. The term Chinese Malaysian is rarely (if ever) used in Malaysia.

Early Chinese settlers (from the fifteenth century in Malacca; eighteenth century in Penang) form to a sub-group called Peranakan or Straits Chinese, who adopted many Malay customs and to varying extents (limited in Penang, almost complete in Malacca) the Malay language, but retained Chinese religious practices. In contrast, the newer arrivals (nineteenth century and later) who retained Chinese customs were known as sinkheh (新客 – literally "new guests").

The Chinese in Malaysia maintain a distinct communal identity and rarely intermarry with native Malays for religious and cultural reasons. This is because most Malays are Muslim. Under Malaysian law, such a marriage requires the non-Muslim party to convert. Most Malaysian Chinese consider their being "Chinese" at once an ethnic, cultural and political identity.

The Malaysian Chinese have traditionally dominated the Malaysian economy, but with the advent of affirmative action policies by the Malaysian government to protect the interests of ethnic Malays, their share has eroded somewhat. On most counts, however, they still make up the majority of the middle and upper income classes of Malaysia. As of 2007, they constitute about a quarter of the Malaysian population.

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10 Responses to Malaysian Chinese

  1. It's good that you take so much interest and care to find out more about your friends. Actually, intermarriages btw the two ethnicities is quite a norm here. There are some Chinese who converts to Muslim on their own w/o marrying a Malay. One more thing, I am Chinese too. Or what you called a Malaysian Chinese. One that has poor command of her own mother tongue. Lol.

  2. ペギー says:

    proud to be a Chinese

  3. DoriDori says:

    Frances, not Francis… haha..

  4. Simple says:

    It is very confusing when u go to a western country. I am a Malaysian, but i am not a Malay. I am a Chinese, but I am a Malaysian Chinese. Because you are not a China Chinese, you are not 'Chinese'. But you still look like a Chinese? But you are a Malaysian Chinese? This is what I realised when I am in manchester. I don't really know how to put that in words. It seems so weird to me. Anyway, I will prefer Malaysian Chinese, unless if one can give me some other better choice.

  5. Simple says:

    sorry not you. but I. hehe..

  6. Mikey says:

    Must be a difficult for ethnic Chinese all over. I never realized how diverse the situation is for Chinese in Malaysia, especially with the long history and different languages spoken. I'm still trying to learn about them. All I can say is that all the ethnic Chinese people I've met have been most kind to me! 🙂

  7. Simple says:

    I guess because they are ethnic Chinese? 😛

  8. Simple says:

    I realised I quite like VOX. It is so much easier than tabulas. because you import photos easily. I am thinking if i shall move from tabulas to VOX then..

  9. Mikey says:

    Glad to have you here. I post almost exclusively on VOX now. It is so easy to post "media" not only photos, but clips from Youtube, books from Amazon, upload music, etc. ! 🙂

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