There are a bunch of apps for the iPhone, even though the iPhone doesn't support (yet) native 3rd party gadets. You can find them HERE. But some of these apps are handy, even if you aren't running them from your iPhone.

One of them is a little site called iRadio that lets you pick your city and then displays what is playing on all the major local radio stations at that moment, without going to each stations' website. And, you can also drill down to see the song lyrics, and even download it via Wi-Fi from the iTunes store. Pretty slick huh? Especially since my work blocks just about every radio station in San Diego… ^^

iRadio App

iRadio App iPhone
iRadio App iPod touch

About iRadio App
Each station can be clicked to access the last 5 songs played on that station, where the user can then click the song which then provides: a link email yourself a copy of the artist and song name so you can download it later, a link to preview/download the song in the iTunes WiFi store, a link to play the song using seeqpod technology, and a link to the song lyrics. This app helps identify unknown songs we hear on the radio, gives one the ability to select what station to turn to based on the list of songs on each station, and helps avoid stations playing commercials.

What’s New in this Version
– Displays the time each song was/is played.
-Ability to view station log up to 50+ songs
– Ability to listen to the entire song.
– Improved UI
– Improved efficiency
– Misc Bug Fixes


Tim Bergeron
iRadio App
Post Date:
November 5, 2007

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One Response to iRadio

  1. yah but can it play asian radio stations?

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