Miki Imai – Piece of My Wish (Live)

This song by Miki Imai is one of MorningBerryz favorite J-pop songs, and that is good enough for me! 🙂

Imai Miki – Piece Of My Wish Lyrics

Asa ga kuru made naki tsuzuketa yoru mo
Arukidaseru chikara ni kitto dekiru

Taiyou wa nobori kokoro o tsutsumu deshou
Yagate yami wa kanarazu akete yuku kara

Doushite motto jibun ni sunao ni ikirenai no
Sonna omoi toikake nagara
Akiramenai de subete ga kuzure sou ni natte mo
Shinjiteite anata no koto o

Hontou wa dare mo ga negai o kanaetai no
Dakedo umaku yukanai toki mo aru wa

Kibou no kakera o te no hira ni atsumete
Ooki na yorokobi e to kaete yukou

Ai suru hito ya tomodachi ga yuuki zukete kureru yo
Sonna kotoba dakishime nagara
Dakedo saigo no kotae wa hitori de mitsukeru no ne
Meguri tsuzuku ashita no tame ni

Ame ni makenai kimochi o honoo mo kuguri nukeru
Sonna tsuyosa mochi tsuzuketai
Sore de mo itsuka subete ga kuzure sou ni natte mo
Shinjiteite anata no koto o
Shinjiteite hoshii anata no koto o

Translation from: http://www.youtube.com/user/lfi123

Even the nights I cried all night until the sun rose
I will have the power to stand up
Sun will rise and surround my heart
The fog will certainly disappear
Why can't I live a life being honest to my feelings?
With that thought lingering in my back of mind
Please don't give up even though everything may seem to be falling apart
Please let me believe in you.

Everyone just wants to fulfill their dreams
But sometimes it just doesn't work out

Take these fragments of hopes and put them in the palm of your head
And turn them into fond memories
Those we love and friends will always be there for you
Holding onto those words dearly
But the real answer must be found on our own
For each tomorrow that we are about to meet

Feelings that can not be beaten down by rain, I can overcome anything
I always want to have that conviction to believe in

Even if there are times everything seems to be falling apart
Please let me believe in you

I just want to believe in you

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12 Responses to Miki Imai – Piece of My Wish (Live)

  1. I love this song soo much and the words are so beautiful. You're so kind to post the romanization & translation together! 🙂

  2. Mikey says:

    That you loved it so much, had to mean it was a very special song. Thanks for sharing about a singer that I might never have found otherwise. When I was searching for the lyrics and video, everyone had only praise for her. A real class act.I was so glad to be able to find on Youtube the lyrics in English that someone commenting on her video kindly posted. Hopefully, this will lead to other people discovering and appreciating her too! 🙂

  3. Haha my comment above is so short…I was at work and it was the first time that I was commenting from my phone and it takes me sooooo long to type on it with 2 letters to a key but I think I'm getting faster…uh…slowly! Thank you for posting this as a beautiful song should be shared! And in the process hopefully she'll acquire new fans too! 🙂

  4. Mikey says:

    That's so sweet to send an explanation! I know that texting can be arduous! I was so bad at it, @@ that is one reason I got and iPhone. But I'm sure that you have more dexterity than me! :)One thing you might do is set up a "Signature" line for your email. like mine says "Sent from Mike Avila's iPhone" at the end of each email. That will let people know that you are on a mobile device and can't reply in depth, or at length. Cool, huh? Yours could say "Sent from Ayu II's H!P Phone" ^^That is nice that you can respond from work, even if it has to be brief. I love hearing from you! ❤ I thank you so much for sharing this wonderful music!

  5. Hahah I have no idea how to set something like that up! 😛 You're very tech savvy!! I'm the total opposite!! They don't allow us to use our phones at work except when we're on lunch so if you see a very short message then you know where I am. 🙂 You're so lucky to have an i-Phone!! I know 2 people at work who have them and others always crowd around whenever they take them out!

  6. Mikey says:

    That's OK… I know a short message when I see one, and actually that would only apply for emails normally… :)People at work are used to my iPhone, thank goodness! San Diego is a real technology hotbed, so you see a lot of fancy gear around here. ^^I do really love it though… ❤

  7. That's great how you sent that showing that it's from your iPhone! The iPhone is still a rare sight…well maybe just for me. You probably have better things to do then be glued to your pc right now and it's quite late there already! My brother just came to visit and I think we'll be playing with the Wii tonight. 🙂 Oyasumi!

  8. Mikey says:

    Wii bowling?! That sounds so cool! 1st game console I've been tempted by… I am so bad at computer games!! ^^ Maybe for the best as many games spend $5-6000 on their PCs!How many brothers and sisters do you have?Sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite! (as they say) ^^

  9. It's funny that bowling is still my favorite game on the Wii despite me being not very good at it and it also comes with the console…other games we've bought just aren't as fun right now. The PS2 has been neglected lately…but I'm planning on playing Final Fantasy again soon. I have just one older brother…our immediate family's quite small!

  10. Mikey says:

    So, you are the youngest sister and the oldest sister too! ^^DO you play on your plasma TV? I've heard of some people breaking their expensive TVs playing Wii games! @@I remember as a kid, bowling 3 strikes in a row the first time I bowled! Then promptly tanked after that! ^^

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