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Here be the be all and do all site of Internet slang… I've added the Firefox addon to make the odd slang comprehensible quickly. Why doesn't someone come up with a slang popup, so when you pass your mouse over it, it just says what they mean?? ^^ – lol! Seems they already got that! 😛 Internet Slang Dictionary
Internet Slang Dictionary & Translator
Confused by net slang? Can't read a text message?
Translate internet slang and acronyms.
New: Drug Slang Dictionary
Attention Developers: Got an Idea for a plugin or addon? Email Ryan at and point me toward the API. We welcome 3rd party developers to integrate NoSlang into their application. Let us know how we can help.

NoSlang Offers Addons for the following:
Internet Explorer | Firefox | Google Toolbar | Google Homepage | RSS Feeds | Webmasters

Internet Explorer Addon
Add NoSlang to the Internet Explorer right click menu! Just highlight the term, right click it and select "NoSlang Search".. You'll be taken to the NoSlang search page and find out what the word means.
Install NoSlang IE RightClick

Google Toolbar Addon (IE Only)

Add NoSlang search to the google toolbar, also lets you translate blocks of highlighted text with a right click.
Add NoSlang to Google Toolbar

FireFox Search Plugin
Now you can search NoSlang from the search box built into Mozilla Firefox!
Add NoSlang Search to the FireFox Search Bar

Google Personalized Homepage Module
Do you use Google's Personalized Homepage? If so, you can use NoSlang's translator right from Google! It's even listed in the offical Google Module Directory
Add to Google

RSS, XML, and Atom Feeds
Newest Slang Words:

apreci8 – appreciate
naa – not at all
wthwut – what the hell wer…
gtsy – good to see you
dwn – down

NoSlang offers all of it's Blog feeds in both Atom and RSS, and we also offer our 5 newest slang words in RSS as well. Just click a link below for the appropriate feed.
Newest Slang | Blog RSS | Blog Atom

Link to NoSlang:
Use This To Link
Don't lose out on sales by confusing your visitors with internet slang and acronyms. Validate Your Website and we'll offer suggestions on cleaning up the slang on your site.
No Slang
Add NoSlang search to your website. Copy the code below:

No Slang

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