Japanese Schoolgirl Watch: Primp My Ride — Nissan’s Supercute New Pino

I know that this is on someone's pre-order list! ^^

By Asami Novak Email 09.25.07 | 2:00 AM

Say konnichiwa to the Nissan Pino, the most kawaii (cute) auto ever. Prospective buyers start by visiting www.pinoshop.jp, where they can pimp the $8,000 micro-minicar with an enormous selection of adorable accessories — patterned seat covers, tissue dispensers, stuffed animals, matching handbags, stickers, CD cases. Drag and drop your fave selections to the car, then decorate it with stickers and colorful backgrounds the way you would your purikura photo-booth images. More than 5,500 Pinos — a reference to Disney's darling little liar, Pinocchio — were ordered in the month after the model launched (twice Nissan's target). What gal could resist? As the Pino site says: "From your clothes to your goods to your car, everything is better cute!"

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4 Responses to Japanese Schoolgirl Watch: Primp My Ride — Nissan’s Supercute New Pino

  1. moldor says:

    Note to self: do NOT let daughter know she can pimp her ride – a Hello Kitty Pino would be EMBARASSING !!!

  2. funkyglasses says:

    Ooooh. A hello kitty car would be so cute.

  3. Mikey says:

    lol! Better hide this one! ^^

  4. Mikey says:

    I've seen lots of gurl pimped out rice cars here in San Diego… one memorable one was Garu'ed out to the max! "Strange Love" indeed! 🙂

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