Princess Elizabeth

Here's a couple of new pictures of the younger Princess – Elizabeth. She's almost 2 1/2 now. Getting cuter all the time! Like her sister Emma (4) she is hapa (1/2 Japanese and Irish). Emma and Liz are my "Niecelets" not blood relatives, but the daughters of a very good friend of mine. I warned her that knowing me with my karma she would have only girls! It's true. Almost all the women I know only make girl babies afterwards(!)

I get to spoil them, without the expenses of college educations, and so on! ^^ Their Mum is from Hawaii, so they travel there a lot. They know a lot about hula and are picking up the Japanese too – which I strongly encourage, with books, music and videos on their iPod Nano G3 (in pink of course!)

Nice to have an eccentric Uncle Mike, they think! ♥

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Interested in music, film, good books and Korean culture.
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7 Responses to Princess Elizabeth

  1. ペギー says:

    she is tooo beautiful
    emma is getting prettier and prettier each day too. Saw more of those pics from Mari's proifle

  2. Mikey says:

    Glad that you hooked up with their Mum! Does she know how many things Auntie Peggy sent them almost from the beginning on Tabulas?? ^^Emma is going to be stunning! So hapa kawaii!!! I mailed their Pink Pod today! Yours is packaged but the mailing outlet wanted $133 to mail it quick! The US Post Office is just as fast and tonnes cheaper. So I will mail it there tomorrow… ♥

  3. Mikey says:

    I really picked my niecelets well, didn't I? Their Mum was a model in Hawaii and Japan back in the day, and she still does hula. So, the Princesses have the Japanese kawaiiness, and Hawaiian aloha, and the Irishness going on. ^^ And I have a lot of influences to send them in music and videos for their iPods… Nice to spoil them rotten! Did I tell you that Emma learned the iPod Nano out all by herself at 3(!)Did you see the Make A Baby thing on Facebook?? ^^

  4. awww!!! she's hugging the doggie!! super kawaii!! man, can't wait to have a baby girl…. >.> lol

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