Mass Uploading to VOX from MS Vista OS

The VOX uploader uses a feature of Windows XP to let you copy a lot of files to VOX at one time. It doesn't work with the Microsoft Vista OS. But someone has kindly offered a solution, with a Registry wizard mod that lets you do the same thing in Vista. The feature was meant so that you could upload pictures to online photo developers, but it works fine for uploading to a regular site like VOX too.

Originally, the procedure he gave called for you to edit the reg file that VOX provides. I just made the edit and saved it (and tested it) HERE

After you download it, just click on it and give the OK to have Vista do the change. Then go to Windows Photo Gallery (from the Start button). Any picture(s) that you select will be uploaded when you click on Print. (You should see a VOX icon "Order Prints From VOX" as a selection).

Here is  Kunzite1's original Post:

(You can start at step4, since I already edited the file for you! ^^

Team Vox posted recently about the Vox Windows XP Uploader.

some people commented about being unable to get it to work under Windows Vista.

after some googling, i found a fix.


  1. open the .reg file in your favorite text editor.
  2. in the key name, change "ExplorerPublishingWizardPublishingWizardProviders" to "ExplorerPublishingWizardInternetPhotoPrintingProviders".
  3. save.
  4. run the .reg file.
  5. confirm that you do want to merge this  file with your registry.


  1. run Windows Photo Gallery.
  2. select the photos and/or videos that you want to upload.  Windows Photo Gallery does not support audio files at this time.
  3. under the "Print…" menu, you'll find the "Order prints…" option.  select that.
  4. "Vox" should appear in the list.  it'll be near the bottom since it's in alphabetical order.  select it.
  5. click "Send Pictures".  if you get a dialogue box that asks if you want to "send pictures to the print company", click the "Send" button.
  6. the program will then connect you to the Vox Windows XP Uploader webpage.
  7. it will prompt you for your Vox username and password.
  8. follow the on-screen instructions.

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10 Responses to Mass Uploading to VOX from MS Vista OS

  1. I'm so afraid to touch anything right now as things are beginning to work so much better and being that I'm the ultimate computer ignoratice (a new form of computer illiterate species not seen in Jurassic Park! :P)…I like making up new words! πŸ˜› I'm sort of confused by this process and I know I'll find a way to mess it up. Thank you so much for posting this but I don't think that I could do it properly….you have no idea..watching me trying to work new software on a pc is like watching a baby trying to work the stock market…which I also know nothing about. πŸ˜›

  2. Mikey says:

    Your so funny! ^^ And you underestimate yourself.All you need to do is download the reg file, then click on it, and say OK. Then you'll have the capability when you use Windows Media Gallery (which comes with Vista) After selecting the files you want, click on Print and you will now see a VOX option! :)I'm glad you brought up this subject, as I always used my XP machine to do it before. Now I can use my Vista laptop too!! And many VOX peeps will benefit, not just us. I have a contact at Six-Apart, and I will try to get them to release this, to make it "official".Did you get the chance to download the new software version for your new Printer/Scanner?I'll have to write down your new words… β™₯

  3. I was reading the "fix" link above and it mentions changing part of the registry file…I've always been told not to touch the registry and that it's a big no no…especially for me so it makes me afraid of using this file. Haha it'd just be my luck that the whole system stops working afterwards! Strangely I followed the link and the button that you click on wasn't working and I tried it several times. If I use a really really high detail setting when I scan the images seem to come out a bit better but I'd still like to have more tools to smooth out the images…I wonder why the link didn't work.

  4. Mikey says:

    Yes, messing with the registry is a bad idea (using regedit). What this wizard is, is a predefined macro to do the work for you (and prevent accidents). If you had XP and ran the one that VOX has you download, you would be doing exactly the same thing.Your second paragraph is referring to the new version of the HP software, I think… I will download it myself and see what happens. One thing with USB devices (for future reference) is they don't want you to connect the device until it instructs you to plug it in. Just in case you didn't know that.Irfanview is a quick and excellent picture viewer and light editor. I have it on all my machines, even at work. I adjust most of my pix with it before uploading. Let me go check that link for ya… πŸ™‚

  5. Mikey says:

    oopps! At the top of the linked page it says 'return to original page" click on that and it will DL… :(I sent you the "printable view", so that it would be easier to read… <red face>Here's the correct LINK

  6. Haha if I knew any better I might have noticed that but sadly I didn't. πŸ˜› I'll try it again later…thank you!

  7. Mikey says:

    Now I know about Eggs… and "egg" on my face! ^^I'm listening to Mai's One Life now… kinda' R&By… I have to listen a few times before I can really decide if I really like something usually. I do like "one for me" already. A ballad.

  8. Radβ™‚ says:

    I've found a simpler, albeit low-brow, solution: I just use my old XP laptop to post on Vox, and my newer (yet more useless, it seems) Vista laptop goes toward other duties until MS can debug Vista. So, rotating laptops. The lesson: Keep that old laptop and don't trade it in or sell it. The newer machines aren't necessarily the best. Also, buy cheap. My new laptop is a Gateway from Wal-Mart (400 bucks) and, until Vista gets it together, I'm using the new laptop as a backup to the ol' reliable 4-year-old Toshiba that keeps on clunking along. When the Toshiba finally dies, the Gateway will take over.

  9. Mikey says:

    Nice to meet you! :)What you say makes perfect sense, and in fact, It's what I have been doing (with my XP desktop.) I bought my pretty cheap Dell 1501 running Vista mainly as a Wi-Fi Firefox machine initially, so I have had time to get all the updates installed, which makes a huge difference in reliability.Unfortunately, a lot of people don't have this option, since often their machines are effectively dead when they go get a new computer. And the OS on that new computer is inevitably Vista – the version that Microsoft released on Day 1. And if that person is using dialup, as MB was, they are screwed, because there is no way people are gonna be able to download and install all the Vista and machine updates at that speed. Fortunately, MB was able to get high speed wireless, and I think that was the turning point for her. I heard that Microsoft is close to releasing Vista Service Pack 1 – a huge step, mainly 'cause new Vista users won't have to start at "Ground Zero" update wise. It will take a little while for MS to shake out the bugs from SP1, but it is a big advance. I think that many users forget all the horrors with XP earlier in it's life. XP since SP2 has been pretty solid, so new users expect solid performance right out of the box these days.I tried to point out that running the Registry Wizard for Vista I edited and saved for everyone is *exactly* the same type of thing as the one that VOX puts out for XP – and no more of a risk. It uses the system MS created so that Photo vendors could have you easily upload to them. I hope that you will try it. It's made life easier for me – most of my new stuff lives on the Dell now. If your are interested in typing with Japanese characters, the Vista Japanese IME is pretty good. Morningberryz is using it now… πŸ™‚

  10. Mikey says:

    Here is a good doc for using the Photobucket mass unloader function (IE only!)HEREβ™₯

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