Hana by Satoko Ishimine

Morningberryz left us with a beautiful song by Japanese singer Satoko Ishimine called Hajimete Wo Sagasanakucha, and I was looking for more information about it. I couldn't find the song lyrics, but I kept seeing references to a song she sings called Hina. I found this amazing performance of it on Youtube. Seems to be a folk song. I believe that there is a Chinese version too. Give it a listen! 🙂

(Hope I didn't mess this up! I copied it from the comments from this Youtube video! Thanks to authors!!)

Flowers(I want to send flowers to everyone's mind)

kawa wa nagarete doko-doko yukuno?
hito mo nagarete doko-doko yukuno?
sonna nagare ga tsuku koro ni wa
hana toshite hana toshite sakasete agetai
*1 naki nasai warai nasai
itsunohika itsunohika hana wo sakasouyo

Where the river(life or society) flows?
Where the man goes with the flow?
When he arrives somewhere,
I would like you to bloom like a flower.
Cry more, when you feel sad.
Laugh more, when you feel happiness.
In someday, to bloom a flower in your heart

namida nagarete doko-doko yukuno?
ai mo nagarete doko-doko yukuno?
son na nagare wo kono uchini
hana toshite hana toshite mukaete agetai
naki nasai warai nasai
itsunohika itsunohika hana wo sakasouyo
*1 repeat

What are your tears shed for?
Where your love goes with the tears?
I hope you will accept these flows as a flower(good memories).
Cry more, when you feel sad.
Laugh more, when you feel happiness.
Someday, a flower blooms in your mind.

hana wa hana toshite warai mo dekiru
hito wa hito toshite namida mo nagasu
sorega shizen no uta nanosa
kokoro no nakani kokoro no nakani hana wo sakasouyo
*2 naki nasai warai nasai
itsu-itsu made mo itsu-itsu made mo
hana wo tsukamouyo
*2 repeat
*1 repeat

Flowers blooming sometimes look like they smile.
On the other hand, people sometimes shed tears.
But all of these are the same natural nature.
Let's have a flower in your heart bloom someday.

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5 Responses to Hana by Satoko Ishimine

  1. ペギー says:

    i was just listening to it on youtube, u sent it to me.hehe
    it was really good
    there's a chinese version, u'r right.
    here's another one, Shima Uta, Island Song.
    i've searched for u both chinese and japanese version
    chinese version is by Fish Leong, translated into I do not want to sleep.

    and japanese original island song

    by Natsukawa Rimi

  2. Mikey says:

    Thanks so much for adding to this conversion! Between your Chinese and Morningberryz Japanese, so many wonderful things can come to light! :)Not related exactly, but check THIS Vivian Hsu does Chinese and Japanese singing… MB just posted on her. I like Crunchyroll more and more. Gonna' give him some money, I think! 🙂

  3. monkee says:

    Ehehe, a Taiwanese singer with my surname 😛

  4. Mikey says:

    There is only one Hsu and it is You! ^^ Actually, she is a pretty famous actress, model and singer! Even some fairly naughty films, like Devil Angel…. Not that you would know about things like that! ;)Anyway thanks for Cruncyroll!!Hugs

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