Mothra Song

The 'lost" 1961 other song from the Princesses (The Peanuts) in Mothra – Enjoy!

American monster movie fans remember the choruses of 'Mothra, Mothra' sung by the Peanuts (Emi and Yumi Ito) , but there was a second song also featured in the film, which, apart from the first few wordless bars, was cut from the US version of the film. The lyrics were about the homesickness felt by the twin fairies, and their premonition that Mothra was on her way to rescue them. Here it is presented full length in its haunting glory.

And here's a non-Peanuts version from Tokyo SOS... Someone said that they thought they where 1st Gen singers from Morning Musume?? Anyway, song is haunting for Jmonster lovers!!

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5 Responses to Mothra Song

  1. Hmmm…with the resolution it's difficult but Momusu's 1st generation is comprised of Nacchi, Yukosan, Asuka, Ayappe, & Kaorin but I don't believe it's any of them. The song kind of creeps me out but then again I can be easily scared! 😛

  2. Mikey says:

    No more MBchan creep out songs then! :PI heard that the lyrics are a weird mixture of Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and other things. My friend JenJen is part Indonesian and Japanese, but not a "weird" mixture! ^^ She's turned me on to a lot of good music from around the world. Boo! (just kidding!!)

  3. I've looked at photos but they don't look familiar to me…but Nagasawa Masami looks quite accomplished in the entertainment business!

  4. Mikey says:

    I haven't heard of them either, but dat don't mean much! ^^ Thank you for checking it out!

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