Erika Sawajiri (1Liter Tears) – Song To The Sun

Thought you all might be interested in seeing a video from Erika Sawajiri who starred in the Japanese drama One Liter of Tears that so many of us love… ๐Ÿ™‚

"Like sunflowers swaying in the sun…"

Youtube version:

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4 Responses to Erika Sawajiri (1Liter Tears) – Song To The Sun

  1. funkyglasses says:

    Does the US air Music Station? It's a music TV show from Japan.. (kind of like TRL).. I catch it every Friday here on Animax.I know that the US has some anime TV stations, so maybe they might have this show on over there.2 weeks ago, even the Backstreet Boys performed there.

  2. Mikey says:

    I'll see if I can find out… I know there was a place that had OPMs and MVs from Asia back in the day…I know there is a channel called AZN (get it? AsZiaN) that plays MV and such too. I miss International Channel that went away… something from all over the world! My cheepo Satellite plan lineup doesn't have anything the least bit exotic however. BSB are still in existence?? I found a real cute video version of Nsync's This I Promise You in English and Spanish for the Princesses! Emma's 4 now. Time to start breaking them in to Boy Bands! ^^Their newest Nano G3 plays videos too!

  3. not too bad, a fairly good singing! as usual, shee looked amazing ..:)
    thanks for sharing
    i didn know that she could sing.hehehe
    [listening Rent's Season of Love on old pink poddy]

  4. Mikey says:


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