Which Are You?

  • In her private life she usually spends time with the other Sixth Generation members but she is often invited to go out to eat with Ai Takahashi and Risa Niigaki. However, she is closest to fellow Sixth Generation member Eri Kamei.[3]
  • Although at first she thought her rival within Morning Musume would be her best friend Eri Kamei, she now sees Seventh Generation member, Koharu Kusumi as the main threat in terms of cuteness.[4]
  • She is an expert at Tetris and can rack up 60,000 points playing the game.[5]

Which Morning Musume Member Are You?
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You scored as Michishige Sayumi.

You are most like Michishige Sayumi! Sayumi joined Momusu in the 6th generation, and has proven to be one of the weakest singers of the group. However, what she lacks in talent, she makes up for in looks and personality. She is funny and cute, and loves being a girly-girl. Usa-chan peace!!

Tanaka Reina


Michishige Sayumi.


Yoshizawa Hitomi


Fujimoto Miki


Mitsui Aika

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4 Responses to Which Are You?

  1. ペギー says:

    You scored as a Takahashi Ai

    You are most like Takahashi Ai! She joined Momusu in the 5th generation and has been one of the most popular members ever since. She has been a part of the H!P summer shuffles every year since her debut. She also played the lead role in the musical "Ribbon No Kishi" in the summer of 2006.

  2. ペギー says:

    i think urs is cute but in fact i know nothing much about morning musume except for the fact that they have generations and generatioins of them..hehehhee

  3. Mikey says:

    lol! Dat's what I thought too. Princesses love this stuff, so… Berryz Bobo is so cute!! I send you some Youtubes links… ^^

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