New Marie Digby CD Unfold Arrives!

Seems like a while now, but my hot off the presses Marie Digby CD called Unfold arrived today, also with the special DVD you get when you order it from her. 🙂 I haven't had time to listen to the CD or see the DVD. Have to wait till AM!! 😦

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8 Responses to New Marie Digby CD Unfold Arrives!

  1. Mikey says:

    just ripping now! 🙂 You got Twitter??

  2. ペギー says:

    what's twitter?
    did u get my mail about ripping rmvb to ipod format ?

  3. Mikey says:

    Twitter lets you post short notes about what you are doing during the day easily. It's more interesting than you would think. And it combines your friends twitters too. You can even post them from your cell phone and such. Plenty of widgets to display them too, like I have on VOX…. ^^Yes, looking still for a good Real Media to iPod converter pour vous… :PHugs

  4. PHP Princess says:

    teehee, send them. 🙂 I love hearing new stuff.

  5. hipseiyah says:


    Wow!!! hi there..
    how are ya? i came up with an idea for
    Marié. i was thinking.. since you have
    Marié Digby's album maybe you can take a picture of yourself with it. Then if I
    have enough photos i will compile it all.. you know, play a song in the
    background (we’re working on a song which is composed by a fan!) simple.. but
    very touching. just to let Marié know how much we appreciate her and her
    music.. 🙂

    here’s some examples
    of the picture: you're good with
    the idea.. just send the photo through my email (dont forget your names and
    where county you from)its and i will be updating you about
    it. she exerted all of
    her time and hard work with this album and i believe its time for us to give
    something back to her. she's such a


    I would love to hear
    something from you. If you have any questions about it and what to discuss it
    please please do email me in
    or in

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