Come To Work with Mikey!

Come on. Let me give you the tour… My Medical Healthcare company (No: I DON'T work at the Zoo! ^^) is one of the largest in San Diego. 5 major hospitals and many clinics throughout the county, plus home health care.

It has been rated nationally as one of the best places to work. Annual revenue is over US$2 Billion.

Our Data Center is 24/7/365 of course, supporting all major functions – medical and administrative.








No this isn't a disused set from Star Trek, it is the corporate Control Center for the IT department. We observe, diagnose and coordinate issues that arise, as well as run and monitor daily updates, backups and reports. But wait – there's more! Too boring to tell all details, I'm afraid.



Some of the cutting edge networking and monitoring systems. (Why so much is blocked on the Internet here! ^^) 66-68F all the time in here (AC unit in back).

This is the corporate reception center. If you want to visit Mikey at work, you'd come here. Since I don't start till 3PM, you can park yourself of the the butter-soft couches that were donated by a greatful former patient. We do save a lot of lives every year! A most gratifing part of the job…


If I actually used it, I could be in top fighting trim even as we speak! ^^ Note mirrors all over. Kinky, eh? 😛



How about stuffing your face, instead of tedious exercise?! Pretty funny, if you consider that we are a healthcare system. ^^



The Jewel in the Crown is our ice maker (next to the coffee maker) So nice to have ice in your drinks – just like Dennys! 🙂


So nice sitting in the sun, checking your iPhone! 🙂 That's a quick look at my work place. Hopefully, this will orient you when I talk about it in future…

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12 Responses to Come To Work with Mikey!

  1. Meow ❤ says:

    Your work looks so nice and feels positive I like seeing where u work I can picture you doing stuff there. I love fridges that make ice they are the best!

  2. Mikey says:

    Thanks dear! People usually have no idea what I do and it's hard to explain. So much IT behind medicine these days! 🙂 I'm talking an ice machine like they have in restaurants! The crushed ice kind. ^^ Makes your soda seem like a treat. Erm, maybe a little *too* enjoyable… 😛

  3. greywolf says:

    That's a nice looking place. Watch out your coffee breaks don't get too extended.

  4. wow nice place to work at, is your company hiring? =P

  5. Simple says:

    hahahahahha.. you seldom blog about yourself. now i know better. it is medical healthcare companyyyy… not……. hehe.. anyway, the place seems really cool. are you allowed to blog about your working place? no worry, I won't tell, but just curious. 😛 you have a coffee maker! can i have mocha please?

  6. Mikey says:

    Thanks! I'll try not too! ^^ We have 30" monitors, but so much is blocked on the Internet due to corporate policy, it's frustrating! 🙂

  7. Mikey says:

    My company is always hiring! We have over 10,000 employees, one of San Diego's largest employers! 🙂

  8. Mikey says:

    That's right, who wants to read about moi? ^^I don't mention company name, Web dudes found my previous posts and asked me about it. @@ So, now I don't mention name, though they said it was OK.You don't need to know name, right? ;)Fresh coffee is being served! Even got ice, if it's too hot outside! 😛

  9. DoriDori says:

    hahaIT!!! Yun Ing, still computer related, no????i love all the vending machines……

  10. Simple says:

    ces. i miss you. come talk to me. im so tired. hugs.

  11. Mikey says:

    LOL! IT… I get you a Coke – free! ^^
    Did you talk to Jane?

  12. Mikey says:

    Hookup with Mumu!!! 🙂

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