Marie – from her DVD

I promised MB to show some of the songs on the bonus DVD included with Unfold when you "pre-ordered" from her. (The link is still up HERE) kawaii performance! I shall add more from the DVD later! 🙂

t is that time folks.. !!
My full length debut album 'Unfold' is now available to pre-order!
If you pre-order, you also get a DVD along with the CD – all the info is in this video 🙂

Important note ! – My album will be coming out everywhere including Asia and Europe!! It will come out in the U.S first and other countries in the months following that release.

Here's the track listing:

Better Off Alone
Say It Again
Miss Invisible
Stupid For You
Voice On The Radio
Beauty In Walking Away

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Interested in music, film, good books and Korean culture.
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4 Responses to Marie – from her DVD

  1. This is such a must have extra! Even though it says "pre-order" they still accepted my order so I'm hopeful that it's still availabe. ^-^ I love these performances…thank you again for the link. 🙂

  2. Mikey says:

    I love that you love it! 🙂 I wasn't sure you could still get it, but I knew you would love to get the DVD. If they took your order, it's coming!! 🙂

  3. I got their ship notification today!! ^-^ Thank you again!!

  4. Mikey says:

    Excited for you!! 🙂

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