Random Pics

These are from last few days, digicam and D80… I explain as I go long…

From Phil's BBQ in San Diego – Chick-less Dinner: Chunks of white meat chicken seasoned and BBQ’d, with baked potato!! OMG! So good!!

Sun Tea! Just add tea bags and sun does the work! Can't "burn" it. So refreshing after visit to fridge for a few hours with ice cubes to tinkle in glass…

Now you can see my outdoors laptop rig! Cheap fold up "bar" stool serves wonderfully! $10 at Walmart. Just the right height and folds to nothing for storage…. See how bright it is that day? I have a shade that rolls down for late afternoon/evening. Plus, blocks snoopy passers-by! 😉

Thom Hogan is the bomb! Everything Nikon he has got! His incredibly complete guide to Nikon D80 is on PDF, plus, he includes a paper essentials guide, and things like excel macros to calculate depth of field, etc. He tells you and shows you what you want to know. Mikey likes it! 😉

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About mikeymikez

Interested in music, film, good books and Korean culture.
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4 Responses to Random Pics

  1. heheehe
    enjoying a day out in the sun…with ice-cold tea huh..=)

  2. Mikey says:

    yes! today was the perfect day for it… sunny and warm! Tomorrow, the San Diego County Fair! Lots of pictures then!! ^^

  3. DoriDori says:

    Have Mikey try Chinese BBQ sauce before? Sun tea, sounds interesting. I have that similar container before! LOL. I gave it to Louise..

  4. Mikey says:

    Not sure… maybe drunk! 😉 (kidding) Dori can show me on visit!Drinking sun tea right now… lots of cooling drink quick. Just back from Fair! UL pix soon! Jane drunk, so I send her to bed! 😛

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