Top Ten Baby Names USA/UK/Australia

So you know what to name your babies – especially Princesses! :

Top Ten Baby Names USA/UK/Australia

Top 10 Boys Names in Australia/UK/USA

1 Jack Jack Jacob
2 Lachlan Joshua Michael
3 Thomas Thomas Joshua
4 Ethan James Matthew
5 William Oliver Ethan
6 Joshua Daniel Andrew
7 Ryan Samuel Daniel
8 Samuel William William
9 Matthew Harry Joseph
10 Benjamin Joseph Christopher

Top 10 Girls Names in Australia/UK/USA

1 Ella Jessica Emily
2 Emily Emily Emma
3 Olivia Sophie Madison
4 Chloe Olivia Olivia
5 Sophie Chloe Hannah
6 Charlotte Ellie Abigail
7 Jessica Grace Isabella
8 Lily Lucy Ashley
9 Isabella Charlotte Samantha
10 Hannah Katie Elizabeth

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4 Responses to Top Ten Baby Names USA/UK/Australia

  1. ペギー says:

    i like charlotte for some reason. Maybe she was my first real ENGLISH teacher from London,. None of the names i wanna name my son. But i don't know what to name them yet..still early

  2. Mikey says:

    Start working of your Princess list now! ^^I am partial to Emma and Elizabeth, of course!! 😛

  3. tali says:

    My baby names not on the list.

  4. I was pretty sure mine wasn't going to be there either. Be it my real name or the nick I am spotting right now. Tee hee hee. But I do like Chloe and Isabella.Then again, the Double E's rulez of course. lol. Cheers to Emma & Elizabeth. Those 2 little charmers.

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