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Red Race

Gan Chao 2008
Categories: Children, Chinese, Documentary, Family, Feature, Free, Sport
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Run time: 70 min. | China | Language: Mandarin w/ English subtitles
Against the backdrop of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and escalating international condemnation and demonstrations over Chinese policies from Tibet to Darfur, THE RED RACE presents a detailed insight into the Chinese passion for gymnastics.

Shot in an observational style, the film beautifully captures the contradictions of modern China: poor families crowded into run-down, older apartment complexes while in the distance we see lights, skyscrapers, and prosperity.

The Lu Wan District Youth Athletic School in Shanghai seems to value competitive sports over academics for its kindergarten-aged students – many of whom come from rural provinces and live with grandparents or surrogate caretakers. Their parents hope to give them opportunities not available in the countryside. Some children voice hope that they will eventually become national gold medalists, successful enough to build homes for their families who live in poverty. Yet the path won't be easy. The trainers often “teach” by humiliation and punishment, and reward with candy. Two girls hanging from an overhead bar show pain and tears as a coach shouts from the sidelines. As the film progresses, one question persists: at what price is the New China?
– Adapted by Gail Silva, Silverdocs

The Oct. 13th free screening of THE RED RACE is sponsored by Burkett & Wong Engineers

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